Nissan have been partnered with Retro Drive-In Movies since 2018 bringing its award-winning range of vehicles to the attention of thousands of drivers enjoying the popular big-screen events at a host of locations nationwide.

Jeanne McGann, Head of Marketing and Communications at Nissan Ireland said Nissan is a popular brand with families who have made cars like the award-winning Qashqai and the spacious zero emissions Nissan LEAF cars in Ireland. “This partnership is a great fit for Nissan, allowing us to continue engaging with families seeking value, reliability, comfort and innovation in the cars they drive,” she added.

Retro Drive-In Movies is Ireland's full-time Drive-In Movie company which have been attended by some 729,000. Their 750+ movie screenings allow families to rock up, roll in and to watch their favourite movies from the comfort of their car and to listen to the movies on their car stereo.

As part of the partnership, Nissan supply Retro Drive-in Movies with the new X-Trail 7-seater crossover which is packed with technology, and the Navara renowned for its capacity to handle the biggest jobs.

The partnership provides Nissan with big-screen advertising and audio branding on the Retro Drive-In radio station. The car company will showcase its range of vehicles at movie events and families can also win tickets to enjoy drive-in movie screenings from the Nissan VIP Parking Zone.

Barry Clarke, Operations Manager at Retro Drive-In Movies said they are increasing the number of venues at which they host drive-in movies.

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