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1.1 Retro Drive-In Movies is Ireland's cost effective family fun day out. Watch the World's BIGGEST Movies on the World's BIGGEST LED screens. To listen to the movie.....YOU WILL NEED A CAR STEREO IN WORKING ORDER!

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1.2 Tickets are only sold online through Tickets are not for sale through third parties. There will be limited tickets on sale on the night of each screening at each movie location. After you purchase your tickets online, you will need to print out the ticket confirmation (This will be emailed to you). On the day of the screening, we will not have access to re-print your ticket on site, so it is important that you bring your ticket on the night to gain entry to the movie screening. Don't panic if you cannot allocate your ticket confirmation. We can search by name on the night at check in. *remember to bring some ID for verification purposes!

1.3 If you lose your ticket, you can simply bring a copy of the email confirmation on your smartphone. If this is not possible, you might be asked to bring photo identification to correspond with ticket purchase information details.

1.3.1 in the unlikely event that a screening is postponed or cancelled, retro will contact you at their earliest convenience to notify you. If this occurs, Retro will offer another screening option or will contact you directly in relation to your cancellation.

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1.4 The Irish Film Classifications office certifies each movie according to the following system. Retro Drive-In Movies is obliged by law to only admit customers who meet these requirements and classifications set by each film.

G    - Suitable For All

PG  - Generally suitable for children aged 8 years or over

12A - Suitable only for aged 12 or over, but may be accompanied by an adult

15A - Suitable only for aged 15 or over, but may be accompanied by an adult

16   - Suitable only for aged 16 or over, but may be accompanied by an adult

18   - Suitable only for aged over 18. Younger people may not be permitted

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1.5 The speed limit at the movie complex is strictly at 15kph. There will be children on site, so we kindly ask that you please be vigilant and adhere to the designated speed limit and always drive responsibly.

1.6 Entrance and exits are clearly defined. Our staff will allocate parking in front of screen on a first come, first served basis (don't worry, you will have a clear view of the screen from any location of the movie complex). Gates will open approx 40- 55 minutes before show commences. There will be no parking in advance. After the movie, our staff will guide you to the nearest exit point. Please be patient (have you seen 200 cars trying to leave a venue at the same time!). We have a traffic management system in place which ensures a speedy exit from movie location. Typically, we will have all vehicles out and on the road home within 8-10 minutes.

1.7 Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. There is no priority, VIP or pre-booked parking available. Each vehicle must take up only one parking space designated by our stewards. If you are driving a large or 7 seater vehicle, you may / will be asked to park in spaces allocated for higher or larger vehicles. All vehicles will be asked to park in close proximity to the neighbouring vehicle. This is to ensure all entrants have a clear view of the screen.

1.8 Toilets and disabled toilet facilities are provided. To cause little disruption to movie goers, we kindly ask that you use the toilets before and after the movie. Accidents do happen, so we totally understand that If ya gotta go....Well ya gotta go!

1.9 Bins are provided throughout the movie locations and site for your convenience. We ask that you place all rubbish in the bins provided after the movie. (Not The Kids)....We ask that if you bring them with you, that you bring them home with you!.

1.10 First aid and medical personnel will be on site and available if required. Please contact any member of staff or marshall if you require any assistance at any stage.

1.11 Disabled, visually impaired or accompanied persons are given priority parking if required. Please notify our ticket staff at entrance if you require any assistance parking near toilets, near an exit or if you need to leave the venue early.

1.12 Our movies are NOT SUBTITLED. There are special screening evening g available using subtitles. This will be clearly defined and advertised prior to the event screening.

1.13 If, for any reason, you need to exit the venue during the event, simply notify a member of staff who will accompany you to the nearest exit. If you leave the movie early, Retro Drive-In Movies will not be in a position to offer a voucher or another ticket for a later date. Staff discretion will come into effect if this occasion arises.

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2.1 Most of our screenings are PG (parental guidance) or Universal (viewed by any age). For certain screenings, there may be age restrictions. In this case, and if you are lucky enough to look younger than your age, you may be required to show some identification for age verification.

2.2 This is a family event so we kindly ask parents to keep children under control at all times. Children should not be left unattended in vehicles at any time whatsoever.

2.3 Loud music, offensive language, fighting, abusive behaviour and horn honking is not permitted at any Retro movie location. Entry to all movie screening events is at the sole discretion of the event organiser, site manager or movie official.

2.4 - Tickets are valid for the time and date shown on your ticket only. Subject to availability.

2.5 - Ticket is valid for one vehicle, driver and up to four passengers (jeeps and 4x4's may vary, depending on the number of seats. Please ensure that you have purchased the relevant ticket for the vehicle your are attending to gain entry on the night.

2.6 - Tickets must be printed. Please print your ticket and bring it along with you on the night. Our staff will scan you into the movie theatre and allocate a relevant parking space suitable to your vehicle.

2.7 - You must have a functioning (and working) FM stereo in your vehicle. Handheld FM tuners are also suitable. Details of FM frequencies will be advertised upon arrival to movie location.

2.8 - Please check weather reports and dress accordingly. We always recommend that you bring extra blankets in case it gets chilly (It is Ireland, after all!)

2.9 - Adverse weather will not affect the screening as you will be inside your vehicle. However, extreme conditions may! In certain circumstances where we experience high winds, the screen will be lowered and straightened into position to ensure a clamp can be attached to steady the screen for stable viewing purposes. We have not experienced this to date, but in unforeseen circumstances, this may occur. The screen may also be altered to allow best visual experience in the event of "bright sunlight' "sunset" or "low sun"

2.10 - Food and drinks stalls are present at most movie locations. In this current climate, with government restrictions, food operations might be restricted. 

2.11 - Late comers may be refused entry

2.12 - Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis

2.13 - At some locations, The Retro Drone might make an appearance. This drone is used for promotional / security purposes. There are notices on site informing customers that the Drone might be in attendance.  By admitting yourself to the movie venue, this is accepting the terms and conditions surrounding open air and public video and audio recording.

2.14 - 4x4's and people carriers are permitted but will be allocated a relevant location within movie viewing area.

2.15 - Vans, large vans, camper vans, high roof vans, trucks, mini busses or coaches are not permitted and might be refused entry to site without prior notice and approval from Retro Drive-In. If you plan to come in a large vehicle, simply send us a message or get in touch!. We will endeavour to accommodate you and your vehicle request!

2.16 - Please do not overload your vehicle for viewing purposes. All vehicles must comply and obey with the Irish road traffic act, ensuring that every passenger has a seat belt.

2.17 - Engine and lights have to be turned off through movie screenings. You are welcome to start your vehicle during the movie should you need to charge your battery. Some new vehicles have no capability to turn off LED or day time running lights. This sometimes can hamper the view for the vehicle in front. If an issue should arise, these vehicles may be asked to park at the end of an aisle.

2.18 - This is a family event. No alcohol will be permitted in the screening area or surrounding areas of Retro Drive-In locations. Any patron consuming alcohol will be refused entry, or may be asked to leave the complex.

2.19 - Toilet and assisted toilet facilities are available on site. Please inform ticket clerks of any special requirements upon entering the complex. We will endeavour to accommodate patrons as close to the rest rooms as required.

2.20 - No pets are permitted but assistance, accompany and visual guide dogs are always welcome at Retro Drive-In Movies.

2.21 - Should you, for any reason, need to leave the venue before the film ends, you will be assisted by the event controller to the nearest available exit.

2.22 - Vehicles are parked at the sole discretion and risk of the individual vehicle owners. All vehicles attending must have valid and relevant insurance, road tax and a valid roadworthiness certificate. Retro Drive- In Movies, Double R Media Ltd, BC Media , Shannon Heritage, Shannon Airport, INEC Arena, Emerald Park, Malahide Castle, Newbridge House, Gowan Motor Group, Peugeot Ireland, Sky VIP, The Star, 98Fm, Mallow Racecourse, Galway Racecourse, Horse Racing Ireland, Manguard or Leopardstown Racecourse will accept no responsibility whatsoever in loss or damage to your property whilst attending Retro Drive-In Movies at any of our venues, neighbouring properties or roadways within the complex. All companies listed above are also not liable for any injury or damage caused whilst attending a movie screening.

2.23 - The event will take place on hard standing, slightly stoned car park surfaces

2.24 - Tickets are strictly non refundable unless event is cancelled or postponed.

2.25 - Tickets cannot be transferred for cash, voucher or alternative

2.26 - Images are used for illustrative purposes only

2.27 - Attendees must have a valid motor insurance policy in place

2.28 For all attendees visiting with tickets obtained from Sky VIP, 98Fm, The Star and any other media platform partners, all communications will be through the third party platform and directly with the customer. Retro Drive-In Movies and Double R Media do not hold any contact information or details of attendees who have won tickets through alternative platforms, media partners and third party agencies. In the unlikely event of a movie screening cancellation, Retro Drive-In Movies, Double R Media Ltd and partners will endeavour to notify all winning ticket holders with notice in advance of screening cancellation in a timely, effective and professional manner.

- All lost property will be held for 28 days then donated to charity.

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